This add-on enables the import of data compliant with the industry supported standard CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, formerly NCCLS) LIS2-A2 “Specification for Transferring Information Between Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Information Systems”, a revision of ASTM E1394-97.

senaite.lis2a makes use of senaite.jsonapi by registering an IPushConsumer adapter, in charge of the interpretation of LIS2-A2 incoming data.

This package is not for the transmission or data exchange across RS-232 or TCP/IP, but provides an HTTP route to push results data that are compliant with LIS2-A2. For serial binary data exchange compliant with LIS1-A, please look at the command line tool senaite.serial.cli.

For high-demand instances, is strongly recommended to use this add-on together with senaite.queue. senaite.lis2a delegates the import of results to senaite.queue when installed and active. Otherwise, the import of results takes place in a single transaction as soon as the data is received.


In 2001, ASTM Committee E31 decided to restructure its operations, with the intent of focusing on standards-development issues such as security, privacy, and the electronic health record. Part of the reorganization plan was to transfer responsibility for E31.13 standards to NCCLS. Following this transfer, standard ASTM E1394 was redesignated as NCCLS standards LIS2-A2.

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